Analytics and Data Science


Analytics Implementation

You might use Google Analytics, but how much can you trust your data? We can ensure that you’re getting the most accurate numbers and information about any actions anywhere on your site.  

Site-wide Click Tracking

We will help you build detailed heatmaps of the ways users interact with your site, whether on mobile, tablet or desktop. If you're only looking at link clicks, you're missing the bigger picture.

Data Visualization

Turn messy data sets into beautiful artwork that will help your team understand the big picture. Spreadsheets only provide part of the answer; get your insights from the 3rd dimension.


Predictive Analytics

Digging into data can help you predict what future signals your business will need to respond to. By drawing on data from across your organization, let us use the most advance data mining and modelling techniques to put the 'AI' in your fail-proof business plan. Together, we can upgrade your proficiency for prediction and help you craft your own crystal ball. 


Content Marketing Audits and Content Insights

Are you learning the lessons provided by the wealth of content you have already created? Let us decipher your successes and failures to ensure that your future content is #winning.


Competitor Tracking and Benchmarking

Understanding how you stack up is more than simply measuring views and followers. We’ll teach you how to use the latest tools to compare yourself as accurately as possible against the competition.


Advertising Systems Integration

Running campaigns out of 20 software suites? What happens if your Hootsuite keeps your MailChimp awake? Let us help you pull everything into one platform, making it easy for you to manage and monitor.


Conversion Funnel Design and Measurement

Designing the right funnel that pulls customers from a first click, through micro-conversions to your final marketing goal, should be the key to your growth strategy. We can help you set up the analytics systems that will measure and help you understand the leaky points in your funnel.


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