Quick Guide to Blogging

guideDo you have a ton of brilliant ideas for your blog, but continually battle writer's block? Try following our guide to blogging below:


Like writing a great news release, the blog title is the most important part of the post. Interest in your title determines clicks, shares and traffic, so make sure it's attention grabbing. Use a question or simply add a question mark to make it more appealing.


This where your experience writing essays in high school comes in handy. Write your blog framework first, then fill in each section with content. It's that easy!


Hook your readers in with a compelling intro. Having trouble formulating your hook? Imagine you're on a stage. What will you say to your audience to get them interested? Maybe start with a joke or a story!


This is where you have to shine, inspire and motivate. The body of your post covers the majority of your outline. Break your content into sections.  Share your knowledge with your readers. Use examples - people love to hear about your experience!


Finish off your blog post with your famous last words. Do your best to make them memorable and impactful. Call-to-actions are a good way to end.


Share info about yourself with the world.


Compelling images are essential for all your blog posts. They can complement your content, provide information to your readers, and entice people to read your post.

Try this technique out yourself, and you'll soon find that your writer's block is a thing of the past!


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Content by Mark Bakker, Inbox’s Chief Technology Officer.


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