Leveraging History for Your Brand

the creation of your brand As a story 

Vibrant brands evolve, and effective marketing tells a story. Your story, illustrated by your past successes and milestones, repositions you for the future. History is not just about the past, but about the relationship between the past, present and future. Our corporate history services can capture the evolution of your brand over time. Historical branding provides a compelling way to connect your customers with your organization. Sharing your path creates a richer engagement with your prospects. Historical branding involves studying corporate records and archives to develop:

  • Corporate history and corporate memory for internal and external communications
  • Historically-focused marketing and advertising that is connected to an inbound marketing approach
  • Creative output, multimedia, communications, chronologies that use your historic records
  • Virtual exhibits, exhibit design, and stakeholder presentations
  • Historical and cultural accuracy consultations

We specialize in institutional histories in a way that is unlike anyone else. We don't just research and report, but rather we accurately document and visualize your history, tell your story and position your brand. 


We combine the business of marketing with the academic expertise of professional historians. We are the only agency in Canada that exclusively employs doctoral-level historians for our corporate history services. Our team has conducted research in dozens of institutions in Canada, the United States, and Europe.

Corporate History and Corporate Memory

Inbox can leverage your corporate history to create unique marketing materials for your company. Your corporate history distinguishes your brand and can be an important component in building trust with your customers. We can develop company archives, maintain a corporate memory, and produce an accessible history that can be used for your marketing program. 

Corporate Archives Development

With this service we create and manage your corporate archives and, if requested, develop communications products that keep people connected with your organization. A robust corporate archive development scheme will allow you to look back on your evolution with accuracy. Remember that app you built 10 years ago? Can you even remember what went into its development? Let us provide you with a structured and accessible way of recording your milestones. As part of our work, we can include oral work diaries for people involved with the project, and document the progress. 

Memory and Document Audit for Organizational Knowledge

Do you have boxes of undocumented photos lying in storage? Let us perform a historical audit of your materials. A historical audit helps us uncover the kind of content you have, the kind of content you can produce, and how that content can support your marketing program. In addition to archival records, we can draw from the knowledge of your team members, both past and present. 

Oral History

Memories can be a source of important information about your organization. We can record these stories to both preserve your past, and to facilitate the production of marketing campaigns. Our oral history services include:

  • The preservation of key concepts, project design, timelines, and exceptional quotes
  • Oral history questionnaire development, interviewing, transcription, interpretive writing
  • Audio-video recordings
  • Document transcripts, archival documentation

Video, Film and Television Consultations

We provide consultative support to the video, film and television industry to ensure historical accuracy. We help you avoid the embarrassment of using 1910 candlesticks in a nineteenth-century docudrama. 

Social Networks

We can also uncover links between your organization and its historic communities. Using social network analysis, we can examine where your organization fit in. This analysis will also provide a perspective on the collective behaviour of people who worked together with or within your organization.


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