Building a Sales Process Around the Buyer’s Journey

It’s time to connect sales and marketing. We’ll help align these efforts to ensure that everyone on your team has the tools and content they need to meet customers wherever they are along the buyer’s journey. It may come as a surprise but the average sales rep. only spends 36% of their time selling. Use inbound sales actions and sales enablement tools to build trust, credibility, and momentum and focus on selling. Plus, you can add value at every stage in your customer’s journey in a human and helpful way.

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After fully understanding your business and your goals, we perform a comprehensive SEO audit. This identifies how your web pages are ranking on search engine results pages.

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Based on our audit, we create a strategy for search engine optimization. This is continually fine-tuned based on your changing rankings.

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We implement your new SEO strategy with a comprehensive performance analysis designed to get you results.

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Our analytics and reporting shows you how to improve content, optimize keywords, reposition information, and add pages to benefit from SEO.


What Can Sales Enablement Do For You?

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Increase Revenue

Sales reps using sales enablement tools reported up to 66% increase in revenue, and a 15% acceleration in sales cycles.

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Boost Sales Quotas

Sales reps who used automated sales tools reported closing 43% more deals and a 20% boost in sales quotas.

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Close Bigger Deals

Get a 70% lift in buyers purchasing more than the original scope because of the value and insights added throughout their sales interactions.

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Higher Productivity

Sales reps report spending more time selling and up to 30% less time on content creation and management.

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“Inbox has in-depth knowledge of inbound marketing. They seamlessly moved our website from WordPress to HubSpot, and built landing pages, CTAs, emails, and workflows. They have been able to take what’s in our heads, and make it marketable to the world by creating a library of quality content. They’re helping us reach our sales targets! I definitely recommend working with Inbox.”
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To your right are some of the sales enablement services we offer.
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Marketing and Sales Alignment (SLA)
Organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing teams have 36% higher customer retention rates.
Sales Enablement and Custom Sales Content and Messaging
We provide sales teams with the information, messaging, content, and tools that help them sell more effectively.
CRM and Sales Automation Tools
Automate manual, time-consuming sales tasks using software, artificial intelligence, and other digital tools. Spend more time selling.
Lead Scoring and Lead Qualification Process
Rank prospects according to the perceived value each lead represents to the organization. The score is used to determine priorities.
Lead Engagement, Nurturing and Social Selling
The savviest teams integrate social media into lead nurturing in order to build stronger relationships. 71% are more likely to purchase a product if seen on social media.
HubSpot CRM Setup and Management
Email integration, creating filters, importing contacts, defining deal stages, website integration and all the other steps in between. We will get everything up and running.
Buyer Journey Mapping
A customer journey map is a visual representation of the process a prospect goes through to achieve a goal with your company. It's a customer insight goldmine.
Inbound Marketing and Sales Alignment Workshops and Software Training
Everyone can use some help. If you need extra guidance, we will show up. In-person. With coffee. And pastries. Yes, we said pastries.

Sales Enablement

Customers Trust Us

"Inbox created our website and content including landing pages, forms, and CTAs. They also ran our inbound strategy and program, and executed our email marketing campaigns. From strategy and planning to crisis communications and top-shelf business content, we had an excellent experience working with Inbox and highly recommend them."

-Suzanne Grant, CEO, iBIONICS

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About Inbox and Sales Enablement

As certified inbound sales specialists, we can help you build a custom inbound sales process to support your inbound marketing efforts and teach your sales team how to easily turn high quality leads into customers, and enjoy fantastic ROI by selling more with less effort.

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