Public Relations and Investor Relations

Public Relations and Investor Relations 

We have extensive experience building and executing corporate communications campaigns. Our public relations and investor relations services provide comprehensive programs to organizations in a range of industries. We create compelling stories to share with your communities including:

  • PR and IR strategy, positioning, messaging and planning
  • News releases, annual reports, quarterly reports and other investor communications
  • Market intelligence and reporting
  • Media relations
  • Crisis communications and conflict management
  • Inbound marketing, advertising, analytics and digital communications
  • Data development on market sentiment

Our outreach programs include proficient messaging and communications that introduce you to your relevant communities. We integrate our deep knowledge of PR into the culture of your industry to help craft your message, guide your approach and meet your goals.

Strategic PR and IR Planning and Counsel

We assess your unique characteristics and position to work with you on determining your public and investor relations objectives. We develop strategies and detailed plans based on the established objectives, and throughout the course of our relationships, advise our clients on a wide range of matters.

Messaging and Communications

Communication is vital. When you engage in a clear, consistent, meaningful dialogue, you can direct the spotlight to your strengths and vision. It is important to continuously refine your message, but always in coherence with your position. To accomplish this, we:

  • Develop key messages
  • Create and manage a communications plan
  • Write and disseminate all communications, such as news releases, website content, reports, presentations

Market Intelligence and Reporting

We provide market intelligence, so you can stay current on all matters pertinent to your organization. Market intelligence includes, but is not limited to:

  • Peer and competitor monitoring and analysis
  • Ongoing environmental scans and assessments
  • PESTEL, a technique that is used to understand the political, economic, social, technological, ecological and legal macro-environmental context within which you operate

Media Relations and Outreach

Our clients enjoy the benefit of exposure to our extensive media and communications network. 

  • We secure interviews, feature stories and expand your public profile by securing placements in respected media outlets
  • We promote you as thought leaders by positioning you as experts in your field
  • Our media training services can help you craft your message and prepare for any type of interview
  • We develop and implement communications programs for your communities to maintain your credibility and foster confidence in your vision during times of change
  • We also develop and implement communications plans

Crisis Management and Support

Not every unexpected event has to be a crisis. We work with our clients to fully understand the situation, provide an objective point of view, and prepare a clear communications plan geared towards keeping stakeholders fully informed, while maintaining the credibility of management and the confidence in your organization.

  • Crisis action plan
  • Crisis communications package, which includes talking points and a communications funnel
  • Crisis mediation services
  • Proxy spokesperson services


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