20 Great Blog Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Oct 20, 2014

What Should You Write About?

Breaking News. Breakfast. Breaking Bad. It's All Good.


Blogging is central to a great inbound marketing strategy. Inbound marketing is about bringing clients to you. They are attracted by your expertise and personality and this method helps to develop lasting relationships with your clients. You can learn a bit more about this approach from this blog post.




Blogging helps you to get found in the vast depths of the internet. It's important to blog about topical issues in your field in order to demonstrate expertise and to keep atop of the search rankings. But don't stick to one topic. It's also important to deviate from the official script now and again to tell stories that are peripheral to your work life. This also helps to draw in readers. For example, some of our most popular blog posts deal with breakfast, location scouting for clients, and placeholder text, of all things. Another popular post deals with our favourite things about Ottawa.




This is where you come in, you see, because you are an expert in the subtleties of the neighbourhoods where you work, so let's hear about it!


That's idea No. 1.


Here are 19 more topic ideas to get you started on a regular blogging schedule:


2. Market updates. Give buyers and sellers the figures and the context.

3. Share a particularly interesting closing story that's positive by interviewing the buyer and/or seller.

4. Location, location, location. Tell us about the location by highlighting features of a nearby park, local restaurants, and bike paths.

5. If you have an historic property on the market, show now-and-then photos to highlight its features.

6. Talk about the experience of buying your first home.

7. Provide tip sheets such as a list of things to think about before moving.

8. Explain technical processes such as pre-approvals or credit scores in a way that's not boring.

9. Explain how you came up with your tagline or slogan and how it underscores your customer service approach.

10. Highlight featured listings and include details that did not fit in the MLS description.

11. Re-blog someone else's post and comment on what you like about what they wrote.

12. Share topical news stories of interest to the industry and add your two cents on the issue.

13. Explain what happens during an open house and why it's important.

14. Share a house maintenance tip that you find particularly useful.

15. Do a photo blog of homes before and after they have been staged.

16. Describe an up-and-coming neighbourhood that is good for investors or first-time home buyers.

17. Provide tips on buying different types of properties: condos, freehold, multi-unit, new construction etc.

18. Describe your typical day. Compare that to a closing day or an open house day.

19. Describe the elements of a good offer.

20. Explain how to choose an excellent real estate agent (i.e. you).


For more tips, download our Inbound Marketing Toolkit especially for real estate agents.


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