Best Practices for Investor Relations Content

For public companies and startups, your website is the public facing documentation that attracts investors. It's also where you tell your story and make the case for your investment proposition. Below are some areas you should focus on for your investor relations (IR) content:


1. User Experience


Your website visitors expect an engaging, credible information experience. What you highlight says a lot about your corporate focus and goals. Here are some recommendations:


  • Your investment proposition explains why people should invest in your company, and outlines your market position and your company’s future plans for advancing in the market
  • Try a visual route to highlight your corporate identity with graphs and other assets
  • List your achievements
  • Post trust elements like logos


What information are your investors looking for?


2. Presentations


The most valuable resource a company can supply on an IR website is investor presentations. Your team members pitch your company at many events. Why not allow your online investor audience access that same information as well? 


  • You may want to include a SlideShare with your latest presentation. SlideShare is owned by LinkedIn, so remember to post your slide there, as well as on your other social networks.
  • Webcasts are another great way to present investor information.
  • If your team is putting on a lot of events, you may want to provide event information that is clear and easy to find through a calendar.


3. About


Your "About" section should feature a corporate story that is meaningful and relevant to your investors during their research process.


  • Include a letter from your CEO. That personal touch always works—even for investor relations.
  • Provide information about your management team through photos and bios. Group team photos are great way to show team cohesion. 


4. Blog


You need to ensure that your content is regularly updated, and that the content appeals to the interests of your buyer personas. Your corporate blog will allow you to publish information like: 


  • News releases
  • Corporate videos
  • PDF versions of presentation slides and audio files from presentations
  • Infographics


5. Data


Your investment proposition needs to include financial data. If you're a startup, provide data that's relevant to your industry. The information should be clear and easy to digest. Here are some suggestions:


  • Past financial information
  • Stock charting
  • Annual reports 
  • Statistics about your industry



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