How to Write a Great About Us Page

Building a website is a true labor of love. The design elements may be flashy and more fun to work on, but other parts are equally crucial to the production of a good website. This blog post will be focused on giving some love to the often unloved page. Following some simple guidelines will show you how to write a great About Us page.


The About Us Page is a difficult page to nail and because it is difficult, it can often be overlooked. It shouldn't be too long, it shouldn't be too short, it shouldn't be too boastful, and it shouldn't be too dull. You need to give your readers a good taste of what your company has to offer in a way that is memorable. There are not too many resources that can teach you how to write an About Us page so we hope this will help.

We have combed through what we believe are some of the best examples out there to come up with a list of things to keep in mind in creating your perfect page.

1. Tell a Story

Do you have a great story about how your company started or a way in which it evolved? Telling a story can humanize your business. Stories are also memorable.


2. Don't be Afraid to be Human

Tell the reader about the real humans behind your company. Introduce the founders of your company and some others that make the business run. Add some photos of your team at work.


3. Try to Avoid Industry Jargon

Using industry business babble is really a no win proposition. Your page should be polished, but also super easy to understand. Use short and punchy sentences to explain your products in a way that is easy to understand, but isn't patronizing.


4. Make Your Page Visually and Contextually Interesting

Visually tables and charts are easier to absorb than straight text. Does your company have some important milestones? If so, you may want to consider a timeline.


5. Subtle Humour

This can be tricky and does not translate well across all industries. If your business involves creativity, wit can be a powerful tool on your About Us page. The use of humour will engage your readers and encourage them to look further into your site. A play on words can also work—it's okay to have fun with your brand, as it helps to inject personality and humour into your About Us section. A snappy witticism can prime your visitors for a story (see above: stories are good) in a way that makes them immediately feel something good about your brand. Remember all attempts at humour must be in good taste and, if in doubt, skip the humour.


6. Client Reviews

Client reviews can add a lot of credibility to your page. You can add a sentence or two from a review and then link those sentences to the full review. Prospective clients are likely to find the comments of previously satisfied client reassuring and trustworthy. Building credibility and trust will be critical to your successful business.


7. Let your Employees Talk

While a great page has to include the "goods" on the products or services you offer, it can also include a section where your employees explain why they love your biz. Allowing your employees to talk about their experience brings an increased sense of personalization (see numbers 1 and 2 above) to your site and gives your potential clients a glimpse into your company.


8. Videos Rule

Incorporate a video as a way of introducing your team to prospective clients or customers. A short video is worth 1,000 words and videos are one of the more important ways of increasing your leads. Don't be shy. Introduce yourself!

The above list of things to consider when developing your About Us section is certainly not exhaustive but we hope that it pushes you in the right direction. Remember: with a good story to tell, creative and clear copy and easily digestible visuals, you can easily master how to write an About Us page that will sing!



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