What is the "First conversion" property in HubSpot?

HubSpot lets you know how your leads make their first conversion. A visitor likes your blog content and subscribes to it. This is the visitor’s first conversion and it's recorded in HubSpot. 

The "First conversion" default property indicates the first landing page and the form that your contacts submitted on. In the contact record in HubSpot's free CRM, there are default properties below "Conversion Information." The "First conversion" field is read-only. The First conversion default property works by recording any conversion information when a website visitor lands on a page. In order for HubSpot to autocomplete this field, it requires someone to fill out a form on a page. "First conversion" then records information about the first form or meeting link that a contact completes. If you have a website built in HubSpot, this field will take the page name and connect it with the form name. It will enter that information in the following specific format:

Page Name: Form name

For example, if your page is called "Contact Us" and your form is called "Primary Contact Form," the First conversion field would record the following:

Contact Us: Primary Contact Form

Why is First conversion useful?

  1. First conversion gives you data you can use to trigger workflows by using "Is Exactly" or "Contains."
  2. It allows you to audit how your leads are converting for the first time.
  3. It's useful data if you're building a custom attribution system.
  4. If you need to create a list of people whose first conversion was on one of your forms, you can use the "First Conversion" contact property in a list.
  5. First conversion helps you to identify what content asset a website visitor converted on and if that asset converts other contacts. 

First conversion will have as many variables as you have combinations of landing pages and forms. Because first conversion uses the page and the form, we suggest having as few different forms as possible. This ensures that you have consistent data for your contacts so you can easily group your leads types and any changes are easily rolled out to multiple pages.

With the "First conversion" property you can see the first form submitted by any contact and use it to further segment your leads. HubSpot's CRM provides useful conversion information automatically.


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