Micro-Targeted Marketing Powers Growth for Northern Micro's Microsoft Products


Northern Micro, is one of Canada’s leading IT solution companies and provides a range of products and services including networking, database storage, data security  to mobile and desktop computing devices. With offices in Ottawa, Toronto, Quebec City, and Halifax, hundreds of organizations across the country have put their trust in Northern Micro. It delivers the latest technologies from Intel, Dell, Microsoft, EMC, HP, VCE and Cisco. Northern Micro has some of the strongest talent in the industry for solving the most complex solutions with staff certified at the highest levels such as Cisco CCIE, HPE Master ASE, and VCE-CIMDE. Founded in 1985, Northern Micro is independently owned and has grown organically from a home-based business to the 100+ person enterprise it is today. 

Exceeded Website Visits Goal
Exceeded Post Impressions Goal
Exceeded Ad Clicks Goal

Scope of Work

  • Website development
  • Buyer persona creation
  • Keywords
  • Content
  • Advertising
  • Design

Customers Trust Us

"I love Inbox’s work. Their digital and inbound marketing campaigns demonstrate the unique ability to work with our existing brand, while executing strategies that help us move forward."

— Alex Yeh, Business Development Manager, Northern Micro


Alex Yeh, Business Development Manager, needed an approach to marketing that would meet the high standards and goals mandated by their HP and Microsoft partners. He needed an inbound marketing agency with a proven track record of results and the strategical expertise to run marketing campaigns for a very niche market: technology bulk buyers for educational institutions.

A Personal Touch

Since Northern Micro is particularly proud  of the fact that most of their staff work the company for life, Inbox Communications decided to feature real-life Northern Micro staff on  the website call-to-actions and in the PPC ads. Adding the element of a personal touch increased brand loyalty and  fuelled the long-term growth prospects of Northern Micro's Education with Microsoft products.

Inbox's blog posts are in the top 3% of all web pages

Visitors spend the most time on our blog post (7:02)

Ad clicks goal exceeded by 3,207%


Inbox Communications delivered results-focused digital and inbound marketing strategies and campaigns which provided a stable foundation for Northern Micro’s HP products and Education with Microsoft program. Some core components of our work included:

  • Website development with call-to-action buttons and landing page development, as well as marketing setup with analytics and advertising pixels
  • Target buyer persona research, including top pains, solutions and the questions asked throughout each persona’s buyer’s journey
  • Messaging and content, including blog post and ebook topic development
  • Ad copy and animated ad designs in multiple sizes
  • Inbox created 50 different ad groups for our paid search services and remarketing on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google. We focused spending on only extremely targeted clicks by using long-tail keywords and only in the  residential postal codes closely aligned with school districts. Furthermore, we even laser focused the ad spend budget so that ads only appeared during work hours to ensure that the clicks were highly specific and valuable. To ensure that we converted every possible website visitor into a potential lead, we also served them remarketing ads across the web using Google’s Display Network.
  • Researching and developing keyword targets for Northern Micro’s campaigns, including keyword recommendations and SEO priorities. Search term targets broadly fell into two groups:
    1. Awareness or Top of the Funnel (ToFu) terms aimed at procurement officers searching for education technology
    2. Competitor terms which allowed Inbox Communications to place paid ads above Northern Micro’s competitors in an effort to redirect and convert traffic flowing to a competitor's site

The Inbox Communications team got to work implementing its strategic recommendations. The new Northern Micro website pages and landing pages were built and launched complete with new messaging, new blog posts, and inbound marketing offers built into the site.


Through inbound marketing and Google Adwords Search and Display advertising, Inbox Communications targeted the very niche B2B audience of educational procurers and board staff. We were able to get information from potential leads for Northern Micro’s inside sales team to follow up on.

  • Inbox Communication’s blog posts are the highest ranking blog posts  in the top 3% of all Northern Micro’s web pages
  • People spend more time on Inbox’s top-performing blog post than on any other page on Northern Micro’s site at 7:02 minutes on average
  • Website visits jumped and Inbox surpassed Microsoft’s target for website visits by 316%
  • Blog post impressions on LinkedIn and Facebook surpassed Microsoft’s target by 6,433%
  • Ad clicks on Inbox’s LinkedIn, Facebook and Google ads surpassed Microsoft’s target by 3,207%

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