Master Marketer Series: Good Writing

Nov 3, 2014

If It's Worth Saying, It's Worth Saying Well

"Take It Easy On The -ings"

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This post highlights some of our favourite writing tips from a vintage Poynter Instititute handout. Inbox's CEO Suki Lee found it while surfing away. (The PhD candidate in History loves old stuff). Check out her Tumblr to get a sense of her current interests.


While there are plenty of no-nonsense, plain-language writing guides out there, we found this list worth highlighting because it's witty and less finger-waggy than most writing guides that chastise you for poor semi-colon use.




Some of our favourite tips from this list:


1) Be Passive-Aggressive: Use passive verbs to showcase the "victim" of action.


2) Play With Words, Even in Serious Stories: Choose words the average writer avoids, but the average reader understands.


3) Climb Up and Down the Ladder of Abstraction: Learn when to show, when to tell, and when to do both.


We love it! Keep writing! Keep blogging! It's part of being a delightful marketer.




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